Hello, i'm Coline Cherbonnel, french web student at HETIC

I'm looking for a four-months internship starting from july

In graphic/webdesign so please take a look at my portfolio !


Hey !

I'm Coline, 21 years old and I’m living in Paris. What a good intro, isn’t it ? I’m studying graphism, web development and marketing at HETIC, a school based in Montreuil. I’m fond of art visual in general (painting, photography, graffiti, typography, graphism...) since I was a child. I’m also addicted to electronic music. I go to a lot of concerts and festivals all year long. I play the piano since I'm young and I was in a band for 1 year but now, I play for my own pleasure. One of my others passions I would like to bring forward is travelling. I love to discover news places, different cultures and imagine what my life would have been if I was born here... I already visited Croatia, Prague, Turkey, Tunisia, Spain and many others. I also invite you to check out my resume.

"OK, now I want to see your work please !"
"Mmmmh... Maybe I will send you a mail."

Feel free to contact me for an internship or a project


Print Internship at BGO Editions

Last summer, I had the chance to work in a publishing house of French music magazine. During this internship, the art director let me design multiple pages, which have been published in the Guitar Xtreme magazine. It was a great experience because I learned a lot about the constraints of print design. Moreover, I enjoyed going to the newsagents to watch my work for real and say to my friends :
"Hey, look at these pages... That’s what I made !"

maquette magazine

My brother was really happy when I brought him back the magazine, so he tried it directly (sorry for the short...)


Web documentary : Dali

This project, done during the second year, is a web documentary about Dali. We choose this painter because he is a very enigmatic character and we wanted to know more about him. We have chosen to highlight five works of Dali, in which is an illusion. On the first screen, don't forget to press the spacebar...!

Let's enter in the World of Dali !


Call for tender : L'Equipe

In the 3rd year at my school, we worked on two calls for tender. The second one was for a famous sport magazine named "L'Équipe". We had to imagine a new concept using all the datas from the World Cup of Football since 1928. My team and I have created a game based on people's knowledge of football players. On this project, I created all the models of our application. The opposite screen is the home of our platform.

You can check the entire project here


À La Nôtre

This school project is a service that allows users to exchange their bottles of wine privately. If you have two bottles of the same wine in your cellar, you can look for your favourite white wine and make an exchange proposal to the owner.


When you arrive on the website, you can search for wines but if you want to make an offer to somebody, you have to create an account. On your profile, you can add new wines to you virtual cellar. Every user can see your cellar and makes some exchange proposal to you.


After that, do your research and look at the page of results. Oh ! Do you see this beautiful Côteaux du Layon ? It comes from Loiret and it was bottled in 2007. Let's make an offer to this owner !

A few days after this project, we had a week of motion design. This was a great discovery for me, After Effects is a powerful software! Anyway, during this week, we had to individually make a motion of 15 seconds to illustrate one of our school projects. I have chosen "À La Nôtre" because I really like the wine atmosphere.
So here it is (it's veeeery fast) :


My personal drawings

I've started to take drawing lessons when I was 8. Therefore, it became a real passion to me and I always loved to discover new techniques like watercolor, charcoal and many others.

Sometimes with models, sometimes with my imagination, I enjoy taking a book and drawing what's around me or ideas that go through my mind.



Diagnaliz is a school project done in the beginning of the third year. It's a platform allowing people to test themselves. There are some views tests, some mental tests and 3 others categories that I let you discover.

Let's see this "Diagnaliz" thing !